New Year, New You?

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Now that we are in the second month of the year, I thought I’d check in and ask how everyone’s “New Year’s Resolutions” are coming along?

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Fun fact:

January 17th is actually known as “Quitters Day” or “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day”. Because it’s the time most “new year, new me” participants officially give up.  Usually after deciding (realizing) they’ve made a horrible mistake by committing to (fill in the blank).

manifesting, law of attraction, magic

Anyway- I always encourage my clients to rather try setting some realistic goals, something to look forward to instead of seemingly-impossible-hard-to-achieve resolutions. In fact, I suggest the number 1 goal should be more self love because that’s where all the magic begins anyway. Nothing amazing in your life can manifest if you are hating on yourself. *Yes I’m looking at you: whose New Year’s Resolutions were to quit drinking. Quit smoking. Loose 30 pounds. Only eat salads and, “all things coconut oil”- by the end of January. Sounds fun.

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My goals:

My only “goals” this year: to meditate more often, start doing yoga again- which I absolutely LOVE. To actively get back to blogging, (and finish my book and online course)- again, something I really enjoy. I also got a tattoo to remind me that I am the creator of my own reality, and that magic will happen if I am aware of how I feel.

Manifesting, law of attraction, Magic

Happy New Year my friends.

Eat the delicious food and drink the good wine out of the fancy glasses. Spend time in nature, watch more funny videos and less news and politics. Put down the phones and have meaningful real conversations. Let go of people and things you no longer connect with. Love yourself and be grateful for the little things in life. Make memories because you only have now. Only YOU have the power to decide how you feel right now. Even if it means you just feel a bit better than an hour ago.

“Believe that you are what you want to be.”— Neville Goddard

I am excited for 2023. Cheers!

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What are your “New Year’s Resolutions” this year? 

Love and light and a splash of wine!

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